Ticketed Uber Driver Couldn’t Speak English

A driver for Uber was received a fine in Florida. The reason; not being able to speak to her passenger in English. In Florida, under a county law, ride-sharing drivers are to speak English.

Someone gave evidence of the incident to Telemundo 51. In the video, viewers could see the driver, Carmen Echevarria, in front of the Miami International Airport. She was obtaining the $250 ticket from the Miami officer.

Uber Driver Receives Ticket For Not Speaking English

Echevarria spoke with Telemundo 51 and in Spanish told them that she felt as though the police were prejudice. According to her, she asked another passenger if they could help translate between the two. Afterward, the other passenger asked the driver why she didn’t know English.

A Public Relations officer for the Miami-Dade Department of Transportation spoke with reporters as well. She told those at NBC 6 that in a case of an emergency, it would be important that the driver knew some English words.

Carlos Gimenez, a spokesman for the Mayor of Miami-Dade, told reporters that in cases such as these, verbal warnings are usually given out.

Gimenez said that it seemed as if the driver was fully capable of speaking English and was able to take English directions. He stated when it comes to this case; it was a shame that the officer gave her a fine. Gimenez went on to say, however, that they are more than willing to work with the driver and Uber to better the situation at hand.

According to Javi Correoso, a spokesman from Uber, the company asks all of their drivers to make sure to follow local laws, and rules. He also told reporters at NBC 6 that in the past, Uber has paid for fines handed out to drivers. He did not say if Uber was paying for Echevarria’s ticket.