The Carter’s Are Now a Family Of Five

The Carter’s household is a total of five. Beyonce Knowles-Carter has finally given birth to her twins in L.A. with her husband, Jay-Z(Shawn Carter). Last Thursday, Blue Ivy, and Jay-Z were together at a local hospital in Los Angeles. The gender of the babies is still anyone’s guess. Flowers were brought to the hospital consisting of the colors pink, purple, and blue.

Attached to these flowers were two balloons. Each were baby foot one pink and one blue, apparently saying the baby girl and baby boy! The woman was dropping these items off at the same hospital that Blue Ivy and Jay Z were at the day before. When taking a closer examination of the flower bouquet the card attached said “B+J.”

Beyonce, who is a Grammy winner surprisingly revealed that she was pregnant with the twins back in February.  She did so with an Instagram post, which made the internet go insane.

Carter, Party Of Five

Mega superstar, Beyonce and equally as famous husband Jay-Z has made it no secret that they enjoy spending all their free time with their daughter Blue Ivy. They have been wanting to extend their family for quite a while now. In many interviews, Beyonce has said how she loves motherhood. She also has said how she wants her daughter and any child of hers to see their potential. Beyonce has also realized that by giving Blue Ivy, everything she needs may prevent her from trying to make something of herself in the real world. Blue Ivy was born in January on the seventh in 2012, in New York City. Blue Ivy patently can’t wait to be a big sister.There are plenty of pictures that include Blue Ivy kissing her mom’s tummy. Now that the twins are here, we all should congratulate the Carters on their bundles of joy.