New Techniques For Lowering Cholesterol

A new technique for lowering cholesterol has just come out, and it was works wonders in mice. This discovery was announced this Tuesday. They have started phasing it out for trials to start in humans. This new treatment also could bring a welcome to an alternative to statins. This is a pharmaceutical choice used commonly today. It can help lower cholesterol for people who have or at high risk for a heart attack or stroke.

This new vaccine, reduces the cholesterol levels in the trial of mice by half. It also reverses the damage in blood vessels due to the buildup of plaque, by more than sixty percent. The mice that had this vaccine, for example, had the dose after they were fed an excellent fatty diet. Scientist did this to make it look as though it is a high cholesterol intake of a typical human Western-style diet.

New Techniques Work In Mice

Also, the levels of cholesterol reduced consistently and in a sustainable way. Then a good something else happened. There was a reduction of fatty deposits in the mice arteries and a significant decrease in the arterial wall inflammation.

The old commonly used the technique to prevent high cholesterol, has been used for around thirty years caused by fatty deposits. Some of the conflicting reports on the drugbenefits and harms have made headlines in the past few years.

Trying to get people to stop taking this medicine and telling them all the reasons why. There is definitely some uncertainty in the link between dairy fat and cholesterol. There is no certainty that cholesterol in food is all that unhealthy.

The drug AT04A contains a molecule which causes the body to make antibodies, on it’s own, against a harmful the enzyme PCSK9. This protein, however, prevents the clearance of the so-called bad cholesterol that is of the blood.