Mecca Becomes Target For Suicide Bomber

Mecca became a scene of terror on Saturday after a man blew himself up close to the Grand Mosque. Luckily, police were able to thwart his plans before he was able to enter one then holiest of places in Islam.

According to the Interior Ministry, they sent different raid teams within Jiddah and areas around Mecca. Officers made sure to surround sites especially close to the Grand Mosque.

Police had to engage in a shootout with the suicide bomber, who was in a three-story house. Instantly perishing after setting off the bomb, he was the cause of the building collapsing. The explosion left 11 injured, including five officers and six foreigners. Guards were able to apprehend five other people associated with the bomber.

Mecca Become Site For Terrorism Over The Weekend

The Interior Ministry went on to tell reporters that if this terrorist attack would not have been disrupted, then it would have desecrated the holiest place in the world.

The group that was apart of the attack has no name as of yet. Neither the Islamic State Group or al-Qaida have claimed any involvement in the attack.

As of current, Saudi Arabia is already going through a sensitive situation. Earlier in the week, King Salman made an announcement saying that his son, Defense Minister Mohammed Bin Salman, will the next in line to rule.

All things considered, the Foreign Ministry in Iran told reporters that they still would like to continue the fight against terrorism with other countries.

Even so, Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia do not associate themselves diplomatically with to close country Qatar.

While the raids were going on, over 1 million Muslims were praying at the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. They did so to mark the final day of Ramadan.

As part of their religious journey, Muslims from all across the nation make trips to the mosque. It is where the Prophet Muhammad, was laid to rest.