Chinese Airlines Can’t Catch A Break

Chinese airlines do not have the best rep. Last year, four of them were considered the worst based on arrival and departure times.

But the airlines themselves can’t take all of the heat. An example would be one of this week’s delays with China Southern. A plane headed for Guangzhou wasn’t able to leave the ramp for over five hours.

The reason being? A woman, somewhere in her 80’s, was doing something not necessarily unorthodox in Chinese tradition.

Chinese Airline Receives Luck From Woman

Qui, who practices Buddhism, as many within the nation do, believes in good luck.

Someone else boarding the plane saw Qui acting what they thought, was out of the ordinary. They saw her tossing coins repeatedly towards the engines of the aircraft.

She was only throwing the change because she wanted to bring her and the rest of the people on the plane good luck. According to officials, only one of the nine cents was in the engine. The one coin was enough for the airline to make all those aboard to exit the plane. Afterward, engineers had to make sure the engines were clear and that there wasn’t any damage.

As their economy continues to grow, especially for those in the middle class, more Chinese are traveling by flight than ever before.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization reports that $261 billion was spent overseas by Chinse tourist alone.

With so many new travelers, Chinese airlines find themselves having fliers who lack proper flight etiquette,

Back in 2015, they began a blacklist, for offenders who have shown some form of behavior not suited for flight.

Some types of behavior that can get one on the ‘banlist’ are disrespecting customs, being nonsociable, or desecrating historical displays.
Within the last two years, at least 29 people from China have been put on the list.

However, police did ask Ms. Qui a few questions. They did not charge her with any crime.