Johnny Galecki’s House Sets Ablaze

Johnny Galecki, famous for playing a character on “The Big Bang Theory,” house burned down on Monday.

Luckily Galecki wasn’t present at the home when it went up in the blaze.

The ranch style house was in San Luis Obispo. TMZ was first to break the news about the fire. They said that fire burnt down 1,2000 acres of land.

A rep for the Galecki has confirmed that Johnny has not been on the property as of recent. He does plan on checking out what’s left of his previous home after everything clears.

Galecki was also able to confirm that there were no injuries or casualties due to the fire.

Johnny Galecki Loses House To Fire

He told TMZ in a statement that his heart goes out to everyone in the area who also lost something due to the fire. Johnny said that all who live in the area know that wildfires are a threat to their community. He went on to thank the firefighters who helped contain the fire and also the community police department.

Galecki has been playing Dr. Leonard Hofstadter on CBS’s ” The Big Bang Theory” for ten seasons. There will be at least two more seasons of TBBT. A few co-stars to the show are Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons.

According to Forbes, Galecki has a very high wage.

Johnny Galecki has been a part of other television shows and movies. From 1992-1997 he had a long going spot on “Roseanne.” Roseanne is actually going to air again on ABC soon. In 1989 he was also  in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” He was also in “Prancer” in ’89. Galecki could be seen as Max Neurick in 1997s “I Know What You Did Last Summer. During 2011, while still filming episodes of BBT, he had time to play Borel, in the movie “In Time” starring Justin Timberlake. And Finally in 2017, he was Gabriel in “Rings.”