Soccer Phenom Gets Married in Argentina

Soccer phenom Lionel Messi, and fiance Antonlea Roccuzzo became one today in Rosario, Argentina.

The guest list included soccer players and celebs.

Messi met his beautiful bride when he was only 13 years-old.

Newspapers in Argentina were calling the event the wedding of the century.

Crowds were seen at the local airport trying to spot celebrities as they were exiting their planes.

Security within the hotel made sure no one crashed the wedding.

Where did the Groom First Meet His Bride?

Messi was only five when first met Roccuzzo. He happens to be the cousin of Lucas Scaglia, who is also his best friend.

Messi and now wife, Antonela, have two children, both boys, together. During May, his 21-month jail term appeal for tax evasion was a no go for judges. It is very unlikely that Messi will serve any jail time. He might not even have to pay any fines. It’s looking as if they will put him on probation for his actions.

Who’s All Coming?

Messi obviously gave out invites to his Barcelona team members. Neymar, Luis Suárez, and Gerard Piqué flew into Rosario. Piqué’s wife, international singing sensation, Shakira, was also in attendance.

Also players from the national team in Argentina. Messi reportedly did not give out invites to any of his recent coaches.

What’s On The  Soccer Phenom’s Menu?

There were a sushi bar and empanadas available for guests. Also, blood sausages, beef, casseroles.

Since he played for Newell’s Old Boys back in the day, he has been seen as a local hero.

The soccer phenom Barcelona team actually are rivals to the Rosario Central player.
The Boca Juniors and River Plates of Buenos Aires also have rivalries.

While in Spain, Messi has been able to win five record-breaking Fifa Ballon d’Or trophies over the years.