President Xi Jinping Speaks Out

In President Xi Jinping’s speech on Saturday, he made it clear that Beijing is looking towards Hong Kong for more national security support.

Xi spoke about the city’s role when it comes to supporting a need for national security.

He said that it is up to Hong Kong upkeep their national sovereignty.

Xi went on to say that if anyone tries to go against the national security and sovereignty of the country will be shut down immediately.

Tian Feilong, a secondary law professor at Beihang University in Beijing, had his own comments. He said that Xi made marks suggesting they start within institutions.

Tian went on to say that besides the city trying up their own laws with national security, they are also looking to rev up their law enforcement.

His remarks were echoed by Chen Xinxin. Xinxin is a legal scholar with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. They are an official think tank under the central government.

President Xi Jinping Speaks To Country

In his speech, however, Xi also talked about how civil servants and children deserve more education.

Since back in 2014, Beijing has live under the expression “ruling by the law. The Western term is “the rule of law” which is completely different.

Also, president Xi said that he believes that in order for the country to move forward, they need two separate security systems.

President Xi chose to use Cantonese slang at one point. He said that there is no boat to take a ride on, after Suzhou. Xi was speaking on the opportunities for the city from the country’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Furthermore, Xi and Tian could have been suggesting to the citizens that their country could accomplish their goals without help from Hong Kong.

Tian said that their comments were about how Hong Kong hasn’t kept their end of the deal. They are still waiting on projects such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge or the high-speed railway.