Clif Bar Recalls Protein Bars Due To Allergy

Clif Bar & Company has announced a recall on three of their protein bars, and two of them are geared toward their younger consumers.

For this reason, the three protein bars that they are asking people not to consume are the Clif Builder bars in chocolate mint, Clif Kid chocolate chip, chocolate mint flavors. No doubt, company’s products sell out nationwide. Stores such as ShopRite, Wal-Mart, Wegmans, Stop & Shop, Trader Joe’s and more carry these bars. As for all the stores they should have already posted recalls throughout their stores for the protein bars.

The Food and Drug Administration is stressing that two of the flavors of the Clif Bar Protein Bars are for children, so parents need to be cautious. For example, the recall on the protein bars has several types of nuts in them such as pecans, walnuts, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, coconuts, almonds, cashews, tree nuts, peanuts and macadamia nuts.

Be that as it may, the organization is unequivocally prompting those with shelled nut and these particular tree nut hypersensitivities not to devour these bars.

However, for those worried about possible allergies, they are able to bring their bars back to the stores they purchased them from. Afterwards, they will be able to either exchange their items or receive a full refund. Also, items that have been affected or altered in any type of way should be thrown out and not eaten.


Clif Bar and Company Have Recalled The Following Items:

BUILDER’S Variety Pack 18-count and Chocolate Mint

CLIF Kid Zbar(r) 30-count -Protein Variety Pack
CLIF(r) BUILDER’S(r) count – Chocolate Mint
CLIF(r) BUILDER’S(r) 6-pack-Chocolate Mint
CLIF(r) BUILDER’S(r) 7-pack -Chocolate Mint
CLIF(r) BUILDER’S(r) 200-count-Snack Size Chocolate Mint
CLIF ZBar(r) 10-pack Protein Chocolate Chip
CLIF(r) Bar 150-count
CLIF Zbar(r) 5-pack Protein Chocolate Chip
CLIF(r) 10-pack Protein Mint
CLIF  ZBar(r) 150-count Protein Chocolate Mint
CLIF(r) 5-pack Protein Chocolate Mint