Venus Williams Receives Court Order

Venus Williams has been all over the news lately. Well currently, she is under investigation for a crash that she was in that ended up killing a man. Her lawyers were able to receive an important court order that would stop the two cars involved from inspection. Consequently, police believe that Venus did cause the accident that led to Jerome Barson dying.

Reports from media outlets have noted that William’s request from her lawyers prompts inspectors from not examining the cars. Currently, both automobiles are at a tow yard in West Palm Beach.

Venus’s lawyers believe that Barson’s lawyer, Michael Steinger, was planning to download data from both cars. There is too much of a risk for something to go wrong if he is able to download data.

Kevin Yomber, an attorney for Venus, told reporters that the information available in both cars could hold crucial information for the case. He and his team feel that an inspection should not occur until both parties haves received information from the court.

Venus Williams Will Be Back In Court Soon

A notice for inspection was given less than one day before people began inspecting the cars.

In the police report, it states that Williams pulled into an intersection with her 2010 Toyota Sequoia SUV. Linda Barson, who was driving the other car, and claims that she did not have enough time to stop her vehicle from crashing into Williams’s.

Be that as it may, the report alleges that Williams violated the right of way for Barson’s car. As of now, Venus has not received any charges. She was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol substances. Linda had to go to the hospital as well after the crash. Not only did Linda receive a broken arm, but so were her right wrist, hand, and all of her fingers on her right hand.