World Building Of The Year Award

The World Architecture Festival first began almost a decade ago in Barcelona. It had displayed some of the most impressive and most ambitious new buildings on Earth. Now due to the incredible shows, is even more of a success. The event, The World’s Building Of The Year Award, is an honor that many in the architect world, look forward too.

The festival takes place in Berlin, since 2010, and it’s getting ready to kick back up. The festival promises nonstop fun and seminars. Also, guest speakers such as Zaha Hadid, the director of Architects, the founder of Architects Sir Peter Cook and Patrik Dchumacher.

Many buildings worldwide receive nominations for various awards. The large Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles is up against the thoughtful Fitzroy Crossing Renal Hostel. People can find the hostel in the Australian Outback for indigenous people experiencing the final stages of renal disease.

The World Architecture Festival Includes Some Of The World’s Most Beautiful Buildings

Some of the new building ideas aim to impact climate changes on their designs. Both Amanda Levitt’s design for MAAT which is the new Museum of Art Architecture, as well as Technology in Lisbon, are keeping their plans a mix of nature and modern buildings. They plan to have a fabulous location on the outside of the big city.

Also included is the Binh House project by Vietnamese architect, Vo Trong Nghia. The buildings reside in Ho Chi Minh City. The way that these buildings are set up let’s nature take the reigns. Instead of knocking the trees down, Vo and his group have built the houses around them.

Other eye-catching buildings include Bjarke Ingels’ Urban Rigger, a floating building that emits little to no carbon dioxide. It orchestrates shipping compartments on a hexagonal stage, making rooftop patios and a yard all the while. Furthermore, Tokyo’s Co-operation Kyosai Plaza, a plant-secured solid tower that progression its appearance as per the season.