Times When Tipping is Completely Optional

There are times when not tipping is no big deal.

According to a new report from CreditCards.com, Northeasterners, baby boomers, and men typically are better tippers.

Matt Schultz, a senior analyst for the website, said that something that ties all these groups together is wealth. He stated that these groups tend to make more money their peers. Schultz believes that when it comes to tipping, the more money you have, the more likely you are to give a good tip.

The site says the worst tippers are Southerners, people who pay with cash, Democrats, and women

Schultz went on to say that Americans tend to tip better when they are at restaurant receiving excellent service.
But incomes isn’t always the factor when it comes to tipping. Jodi Smith, from Mannersmith Etiquette, says that people who have worked as waiters or waitresses before tend to leave decent tips aswell.

However, there are times, when tipping isn’t necessary.
If you don’t know whether you should tip or not, it’s best to offer at least a tip says, Jodi.

Here are three times a cash tip may not be required but may be optional:

1) Professional Environments

People don’t typically offer cash tips for doctors or their accountants. Jodi says it more appropriate to offer that person a gift instead.
2) Workers With Sufficient Skills

Plumbers and electricians are usually on a contract to do their job. They usually have a set rate that takes into consideration their time. However, if you have to call on them during an emergency situation, especially if they work at fast pace, tipping them is appropriate.
3) When Gratuity Is Apart Of The Check

Most of the time, gratuity is automatically added to a bill before you leave the restaurant. Depending on your waitstaff, it may be appropriate to give them a bit more.