Brazilian Woman Births Twins While In Coma

A Brazilian woman was kept on life support in order to give birth to her twins.

After suffering from a stroke last October, Frankielen da Silva Zampoli Padilha, gave birth to her twins, via emergency caesarean section. They were born this February.

The twins father’s, Muriel Padilha, told reporters that the decision to keep her alive was made after realizing the twins were still alive.

Padilha said that the doctors told him that they would turn off all of the machines keeping her alive once they didn’t hear the babies heartbeats.

Dr. Dalton Rivabem, a Brazilian Neurological doctor, told reporters that the woman’s organs were still working as is were still alive. They chose to keep her alive in order to save the children. Every day, they saw that the twins were still growing.

Padilha said that on the day of her stroke, he was on his way to work. He had received a frantic call from Frankielen, claiming her head was hurting really bad.

When he got back to their home, she was crying, shaking and throwing up.

As they were getting closer to the hospital, his wife turned to him and told him that she didn’t feel as though she going to leave the hospital. He said that those were the last words to him, and that he never got to see her alive again after.

The two were together for six years.

In order to keep Frankielen going, doctors had to administer medicine to her and kept up with her blood pressure and flow.

Dr. Rivabem said that they were very concerned with keeping her organ functioning.

Other health-care professionals helped with the twins. They would rub the Brazilian woman’s belly and sings songs to the babies.

Everyone one in the room were crying as the twins were being born.

Well-wishers from Brazil were able to raise funds for the family. Ana Vitoria weighed and three pounds and her brother Asaph weighed 2.8 lbs.

The Brazilian twins had to stay in incubators for some months has their weight went up. Frankielen’s mom, Angela Silva is looking after the twins while their father works.