Officials In China Censors Bothered by the Pooh

Officials in China have been able to block the The Pooh.
Clients of China’s well known informing application WeChat and other online networking took notice of something unusual. When searching for Winnie the Pooh, no images would appear.

On WeChat, a talk application that has 768 million client ,there are  images and gifs of Winnie the Pooh. Other gifs include, for example, Piglet, Tigger, and Eeyore were not on the site.  As of now, no knows why. Some believe it is because a gif was made showing a resemblance to their president and the bear.

Specifically, pictures of President Xi Jinping meeting with previous U.S. President Barrack Obama at the Sunnylands domain in California, 2013.

Officials in China Removes Images Of Winnie The Pooh From The Web

A spokesman from NBC News did indeed try to contact the company Tencent, but no one was available to answer questions.

China has a website that is similar to Twitter, Weibo, and so far the chinese name for the character Wei Nixiong, is still searchable. Previously, when one would put the name in the search bar, Xi/Pooh memes would pop up, supposidly mocking the president.

People also were not able to Winnie the Pooh articles anywhere containing the memes. The pics were only available from people who saved the image on their accounts. A lot of the censorship came about after the death of Liu Xaobo. Xaobo was the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize during the year 2010.

For a great portion of China’s web goer, however, the obstructing of a genuinely harmless, taking away the photos was extreme. One citizen told NBC News that the move was ridiculous. They said that the Chinese rule is extreme. People do not believe it is right to remove the character become some use it to mock the president.