Texas Has Food-Borne Illness Breakout

Texas state health officials are cautioning the people within the state of an issue that has come up. People are getting sick from produce that has come from different places around the country.

The Department of State Health Services in Texas says within the last month, 68 instances of cyclosporiasis have come to their attention. Officials want medical professionals to record any further instances of the illness as soon as possible.

Though there are over 240 food borne illnesses people know about, cyclosporiasis is one of the most common.

Symptoms include vomiting, stomach cramps, and diarrhea.
What to Know About Cyclospora/Cyclosporiasis: CDC

How is the parasite spread?

Cyclospora is spread by individuals ingesting something with fecal matter on it. The parasite needs time to move through the bowels, so it’s rare to contract it from person to person.

Who is at danger of disease?
Individuals living or going in ranges where the parasite is endemic are at hazard.


Texas Sees A Rise In Food-Born Illnesses

What are the side effects?

Some infected people may not notice any symptoms, especially if they live in an area where the illness is fairly common. Among symptomatic people, the brooding time frame midpoints one week ranges from 2-14 or more days. Be that as it may, Cyclospora taints the small digestive tract and ordinarily causes watery, loose bowels, with a visit, at times hazardous, stools. Other regular manifestations incorporate no appetite, weight loss, stomach cramping/bloating, and muscle weakness.

How to prevent yourself from getting the illness

The best way to prevent one’s self from the illness is to remain from eating food that has been in contact with stool. People who travel to areas, such as Texas or other places that carry cyclosporiasis are to take precautions.

Cooking produce with the parasite will indeed kill it.

What To Do If You Contract The Illness
See your specialist instantly.

How To Treat The Illness

Anti-fungal medicine is great to treat cyclosporiasis.  However, those with the looseness of the bowels ought to likewise get rest and drink a lot of liquids.