Ezekiel EllIott Under Investigation

Ezekiel Elliott was recently under investigation involving an incident at a bar. Well, it seems as though the investigation is coming to a close.

In a statement that from the Dallas Police Department, there wasn’t enough evidence. Also, there was no complaint under file.

The DPD said that investigators made many attempts at contacting the victim. The victim has not answered any of their calls. Actually, no one has come forward to give any information about the case.

According to sources, Ezekiel was at Uptown nightclub Clutch last Sunday night. That night, DJ D Train, or Daryl Ibeneme received a broken nose. It was his 30th birthday. Elliot is, however, under investigation for a different incident which has the NFL question whether or not he went against their conduct procedure.

Ezekiel EllIott Not Under Investigation With The DPD

Last week, ESPN sent out a report that before the incident at the nightclub that the sports star was already facing game suspensions. The investigation began over a year ago after claims of him being violent to a female friend came out.

Though DPD has chosen to suspend the investigations, that doesn’t stop the NFL from continuing theirs.

Jerry Jones, who currently owns the Cowboys, told reporters that Ezekiel is just adjusting to fame. Elliot’s 22nd birthday is coming up this Saturday. He said the Elliott is looking a rock star, and certain attitudes come along with that title. Jones said that anyone who has ever been in Elliot’s shoes knows that it takes time to get use to being famous. He said Zeke is getting used to his new life and learning how to deal with social media.

Elliott’s case is not the only football player in the news lately. Line backer Damien Wilson was recently in the news for charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Cornerback Nolan Carroll was also on the news for being suspicion of driving while drunk.