Mike Tyson On McGregor vs Mayweather Fight

Mike Tyson isn’t too sure that Conor McGregor is ready to go up against the champ, Floyd Mayweather.

During his interview with podcast Pardon My Take, the former pound for pound boxer had plenty to say. Tyson believes it was a big mistake for McGregor to agree to fight with boxing rules instead of MMA rules.

Tyson believes McGregor is going to get creamed in the fight. He said that he was a bit upset at the fact that they aren’t going to use MMA rules. Mike went on to say that Floyd has been fighting since he was a baby. With McGregor not able to grab and kick, Mike Tyson doesn’t feel the fighter will stand a chance.

Tyson believes that Mcgregor should have chosen to keep MMA rules intact for the fight.

Mike might be on to something. Fighting Floyd using boxing rules puts the MMA fighter in a box, literally. Mayweather has been boxing his entire life and still has not lost a fight. He is currently 49-0.

Mike Tyson Speaks On McGregor vs Mayweather Fight

As of now, not too many professional boxers close to Mayweather’s weight class want to go toe-to-toe with the champ.

However, this does not mean the McGregor can’t win the fight. With his power and speed, he is very capable of winning. Out of nine of his wins, seven of McGregor’s fights ended with either TKO or KO by his fists.

If McGregor wears Mayweather down and puts the pressure on him, he has a lot of potential to be the victor. Be that as it may, many fighters before he tried the same strategies to no avail. No one has stood a chance against Mayweather’s precision, boxing ID, and speed.

Tyson, on the other hand, doesn’t feel the MMA-fighter-turned-boxer stands a chance.