Twin Boys Pass After Drowning In Long Island

Twin boys, only three years in age, have passed away after taking a swim in their backyard. This incident occurred in Long Island, New York.

Ambulance and police were called to the home, which happens to be in Melville, on Wednesday, at close to 8:45 a.m.

It was a typical day for the family. The mother of the boys woke up and was able to locate her 5-year-old son, but her 3-year-old twins were not in the house.

She took a glance outside of her window, and she saw one of the boys floating in their swimming pool our back. She immediately dialed 911 and began performing CPR.

When officers arrived on the scene, the mother told them that she could not fight her other little boy. Firefighters were able to locate him, but sadly, he was at the bottom of their pool.

Twin Boys Drown While Mother Is Sleep

Officials claim that the pool was so full of algae, that the mother of boys could not see her son on the bottom.

According to David Kaplan, the assistant chief of police in Melville, the lower portion of the pool was not visible to his team. Official wasted no time jumping into the pool, in search for the second child. Within minutes, they were able to locate him. They immediately began trying to revive the little boy.

Kaplan’s team immediately began CPR on both children. They then escorted them to the hospital, but the children were already dead.

According to neighbors, the family had only been living in their home for a month. The house was under renovation.

Police on the scene believe that the pool was closed due to all of the algae and the murkiness. As of now, no one knows how the toddlers got out of the house and into the pool.