Whooping Cough Cases on the Rise

In just a little more than a half of this year, there has been one-hundred thirty-six cases of whooping cough in the state of Indiana. In 2016 there were only sixty-six cases in just the first six. It has more than doubled in 2017.

Whooping cough can make adults very ill. I can kill young children, and the cases in Indiana have been rising uncontrollably. State officials for the Indiana State Department of Health have confirmed recently that there are one-hundred thirty-six cases of the illness so far this year. Whooping cough also goes by the name pertussis and can affect anyone but is deadly to children. Around the same time last year in 2016 there were only sixty-six cases of pertussis in Indiana.

The state of Indiana is very concerned for their residents due to a lot of cases already this year. Whooping cough or pertussis easily spreads from person to person because it is highly contagious. Pertussis is spread just by talking to someone too close or touching a door handle.

Whooping Cough Takes Over Indiana

Jerome Adams, a State Health Commissioner also an M.D. & M.P.H., says that whooping cough can cause severe side effects and for people to understand how contagious it is. He also urges people to protect themselves, their friends, family but mostly their little ones. Jerome Adams also expresses the importance of hand washing and following proper cough etiquette.

If someone you know or yourself gets whooping cough, you need to seek the nearest hospital. Whooping cough is a harsh bacterial sickness. It quickly spreads throughout the air we breathe every day. Pertussis will cause difficulty breathing and heavy, uncontrollable coughing. A cough that comes along with pertussis can all depending on how long you’ve had it because some people will cough so much that they begin to vomit or pass out. Pertussis in infants and young children can be severe it will lead to weight loss due to lack of appetite, slowed breathing, pneumonia, stopped breathing, seizures and in some cases even death.