Ravens Coach Ruffling Fans Feathers

Ravens coach John Harbaugh has been making headlines lately over Kaepernick talk. He made comments about the possibility them signing Colin Kaepernick to the Ravens, and fans are going nuts.

According to Mike Silver, an analyst at NFL Media, the Ravens have been getting notifications from fans on all media outlets. Most of what they have said has been on the opposition.

It should come as no surprise though. John Mara, co-owner of the Giants, has given those against Kaepernick the floor to denounce the signing of Kaepernick.

Back in May, Mara told reporters that since he’s been apart of the league, he’s never received such emotional mail from fans. Most people wrote negative things. They said they would be appauled if the Giants acted in a manner such as Colin. If so they would not attend any more games. He said that the issue has really struck a cord within him.

Ravens Coach Ruffles Fans Feathers Over Kaepernick Comments

When it comes to the team, it’s hard to decipher if they are hearing from only Raven fans or fans from other teams. Either way, it is evident that people want to keep Kaepernick out of the NFL. Those who are not fans of Kaepernick are trying to block any attempts at him joining a team.
Perhaps the people who support the idea of Kaepernick working again should contact the Ravens, too. They have already been of help by making the jersey he wore for the 49ers the 17th highest-profiting Jersey three months ago. Just like some people are against Kaepernick, there are people who want to see a team sign him.

It all boils down to whether or not Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti chooses to listen. A vast amount of fans do no want Kaepernick to play this season. Whether positive or negative, he should think about if adding him will give him a winning team.