Sam Shepard,Playwright& Actor Dies

Sam Shepard, A well respected Oscar-nominated and a Pulitzer Prize winning actor, has passed away at the age of seventy-three. A spokes person for Sam Shepard stated that he died on July 28th, 2017. Sam Shepard’s spokesperson also said that he died in his home in Kentucky. The cause of death was from complications dealing with  ALS.

Chris Boneau the spokes person for Shepard and his estate has said that his family would like privacy. At this time there are no public memorials for Sam Shepard, but the funeral arrangements will remain private for close friends and family.

Sam Shepard was nominated for the best supporting male actor in 1984 Oscars for his role in “The Right Stuff” movie as Chuck Yeager. Also in 1979, he won the Pulitzer for his main role in “Buried Child.” Twenty-six years from 1982 to 2008 Sam Shepard was in a passionate relationship with Jessica Lange.

Sam Shepard Passes Away At 73

The famous actor’s last on-camera appearance was in 2015 when he played a role in “Bloodline” on a Netflix. In “Bloodline” his role was as father Robert Rayburn. Shepard has won two awards for plays, Outer Critics Circle Award and Drama Critics Circle Award, which was in 1986 for his writing a play called “A Lie Of The Mind.” Throughout his life time, he wrote plays which include “Red Cross’, “La Turista Forensic,” “The Navigators & Melodrama Play, “Buried Child,” “The Tooth Of Crime,”Curse of the Starving Class,” “Fool For Love” and more. From all of these writing plays Sam Shepard won eleven awards.

Sam Shepard was big in the play writing field. He taught play writing at workshops in seminars, universities, and leading classes. One of the teachings he gave was the University Of California. Also, in 1994, he became a part the Theater Hall of Fame. However, in 2009 he got the PEN/Laura Pels International Foundation for Theater Award as an American ace producer. In 1999 he got Emmy and Golden Globe Award assignments for his execution in Dash and Lilly.

Sam Shepard left his children Walker, Hannah, and Jesse Shepard. He also has two sisters, Roxanne and Sandy Rogers who are alive.