Non-Stop Flights To London Hitting Nashville

It’s looking as though Nashville International Airport will be adding a nonstop flight from Tennessee to London on British Airways. The new flight is a multiyear effort to bring more tourism and oversea’s business to the area.

There hasn’t been a London non-stop flight in Nashville since back in the ’90s.
Stakeholders such as the Nashville Convention, Tourism Corp., and Ryman Hospitality Properties have been advocates for the new route.

Unfortunately, there are still a few hoops Nashville has to go through in order to get the flight in the rotation. Gov. Bill Haslam is expected to be one of the main speakers during the announcement of the new flight. His administration has been beneficial in adding to the tourism market. Their goal is to entice oversea travelers to the state of Tennessee.

A request for comment was met with no response on Thursday from Haslam’s office. No one from Mayor Megan Barry’s camp answered for comments either. Tom Jurkovich, a spokesman for Airport Authority, could not comment on the new flight either. He chose not to answer any more questions from reporters.

Nashville Airport Unveiling New Non-Stop Flight To London

30 years ago, Nashville was booming for American Airlines and flight the went directly to London. Soon after, American Airlines chose to end the flight.

Well, back in 2014, Nashville became one of the five finalists to receive a direct flight to and from London on British Airways.
Construction has begun at the Tennessee airport. They are building an interim international structure for British Airways. It is a part of the $1.2 billion dollar expansion by the name BNA Vision.

Currently, the Nashville airport has been doing great business. Their fiscal year came to an end on June 30th, and they were able to have 13.5 million travelers for the year, coming in at an all time high. They have had an extra 1 million passengers since last year.