Atlee Removed From Little League Championship

After posting an inappropriate picture to social media, the Atlee Junior League softball team was taken out of the Worlds Series championships.

Reports say that Little League Official was notified about the picture on Saturday. The picture in question shows a good number of team members with their middle fingers up at the camera.

However, it took no time for officials to deem the image inappropriate, prompting the removal of the team from continuing in the championships.

The picture became public Friday, shortly after Atlee won against Kirkland American during the semifinals.

Kevin Fountain, a spokesperson for Little League, had a few choice words to say on behalf of the organization.

Atlee Removed From Little League Championships

He told reporters that after the image surfaced of the inappropriate gesture, the Little League® International Tournament Committee has chosen to remove them for the Championships. According to Little League policies, the team went against rules, and regulations they have in place. The rule question, no inappropriate use of social media.

Due to failing to follow the rules, Kirkland American will take their place in the game.

Scott Currie, Atlee’s manager, agrees that the photo was a sign of poor sportsmanship. He does not believe that it warrants the team to be disqualified.

Currie told reporters that someone gave a copy of the picture to Williamsport. He said that it was Williamsport decision to disqualify his team.
Atlee’s coach, Chris Mardigian says that the photo was in response to bad treatment from Kirkland. Also, Kirkland were the hosts for the game, and allegedly not too kind to Atlee.

Though that gives people a better idea as to why the team did it, it does not make them right. Be that as it may, this serves a good lesson for the members of Atlee for the future.