Military Vet Offended by “No Cop”s Sign

A business in Atlanta has chosen to put a vulgar sign aimed towards cops and those in the military. The sign got the attention of one military veteran, who did not like or agree with the sign. Member of the East Atlanta Village gym are responsible for the notice on the window.

The owner of the gym says that he has no apologies for the sign.
Jim Chambers, the owner of the gym, told reporters that’s he believes the vulgarity in the sign it caught the eye of the vet.

The removal of the “No Cops” sign will not last forever.

Chambers went on to say that he was willing to take the heat for the sign.

Though his there has been a lot backlash, Chambers says that he will continue to stand behind the message.

According to Chambers, the “No Cop” policy has been in place since they first began operations. He said that his company also doesn’t allow military members.

“No Cops” Sign At Gym Stirs Military Vets and Officers

Chambers has been a political activist for as long as he can remember. He uses the sign as a political statement for those in the area. He says that most of the individuals who use his gym are minorities, and he wants them to feel comfortable at and around his establishment.

Though the Atlanta Police Department did not comment on the policy, they did have something to share. They said that if an incident were to occur, that they would respond to the emergency.

Chamber told reporters that if the officers have a warrant, then they will be able to enter. Otherwise, he doesn’t believe that he is breaking the law.

He also mentioned that there had not been an incident that called for the police to come. He doesn’t believe there will ever be one.