Customer Fights Worker At Mcdonalds

A worker at Mcdonalds and a customer came to blows, and the footage is making its rounds on the net.

The witness who recorded the incident is now speaking to reporters.

According to Alfredo Sanchez, what started the fight was a discrepancy with fries.

Sanchez said that the fight took place Sunday night at around 11:30 p.m.

He and his friend were dining at the McDonalds in question when suddenly his friend says, “What the heck?” The next thing Sanchez saw was a man walking in the restaurant with a large canine.

That’s when Sanchez took out his phone and began recording.

Next, the man begins screaming about waiting two hours for his fries.

As the man became more irate over his food, he decided to swipe the entire cookie off the counter.

Customer and McDonalds Employee Fight In Restaurant

Sanchez claims that the distraught man then takes off his shirt, and starts threatening the employee. The man then chose to jump over the counter and punch the McDonald’s workers in the lip.

The witness told reporters that he was hesitant to interact with the two.

He said that at the time, other employees jumped in to stop the customer. Sanchez stated that he told himself that he was going to get in the middle, but that he would record the fight as proof. He was worried about getting hurt by either the man or the dog.

Police officers were notified of the fight.

The witness said that the cops came, and took away the man fighting the employee.

According to police, the investigation is still going on, but no one is under arrest.

Sanchez told reporters that he could not believe that the fight was happening right in front of him. He says that he has never seen anything like that fight before in his life.