Clark County School District Warns Of TB

After an unfortunate death of a fellow staff member, the Clark County School District sent out an announcement. The announcement was about tuberculosis at the Middle School in Fremont. The school district says they acknowledge the importance of testing students for tuberculosis.

Clark County says they know parents of their students have some concerns. Those that do should have tests ran for TB at the local hospital, clinic or health department. The parents of the hundreds of student in school district area should have tests ran before August 14th, 2017, when school starts. No one else has contracted the disease, as of yet.

The recent announcement made by the Clark County School District reads as follows:

We as a Clark County School District pride ourselves in providing a positive, and safe learning environment. When our county learns of health issues that could affect our students, we act fast. Be that as it may, the Clark County School District Health Services Department works intensively. We also work with the right officials from the Southern Nevada Health District to take the best and safest option.

We have been informed, that a recent employee at the Middle School of Fremont had an active case of tuberculosis. School officials have sent out ParentLink emergency messages to guardians and parents of children within the area. Everyone in the school district with one or more children, please call the SNHD if they have any signs of TB.

However, the new school year of 2017-2018 is quickly approaching. Any staff members of Clark County School District or parents in the same county who have any questions portraying to TB, please contact your local licensed health care provider.

Also, local county officials say guardians and parents of the students within the district should not worry about sending their to school on August 14th.