Taylor Swift Testifies Against DJ

On Thursday, August 9th, 2017, the famous singer Taylor Swift testified in a Denver Courthouse. Taylor Swift says that she was completely sure David Mueller, a former radio host sexually assaulted her in 2013 at a photo shoot press. News reports say the singer T appeared on the courthouse stand for almost a whole hour. Her mother chose to testify as well.

He (David Mueller) grabbed my buttocks under my skirt says Taylor Swift while on the stand. The singer says that becoming a victim of sexual assault is shocking and horrific.

Taylor Swift further expressed how David Mueller grabbed her buttocks on purpose

David Mueller is claiming the opposite saying that the close interaction was quick. She then adds that they were posing for a picture and their position was perfect for the picture. Taylor Swift says she did not react at the very moment because although David Mueller did it intentionally, she did not want to disappoint her thousands of fans at her meet-and-greet.

About fifteen minutes after David Mueller after the butt grab, Swift discussed the incident with Stephanie Simbeck, her photographer. Swift says she had no sympathy when she heard that Mr. Mueller was fired from his job.

David Mueller claims he never touched the singer. Mueller says his hand was near the celebrities backside in the picture. He accidentally touched her body without her permission trying to be apart of the photograph. He claims that he felt what appeared to be one of her ribs or her rib cage.

The battle between the two has been going on for almost two years now. It began after the DJ chose to sue Swift, her mom, and Frank Bell, her radio promotion director. He made claims that back in 2015, they were behind his firing from a radio station he was working at. Fast forward to Tuesday, Mueller told the judge that a few supervisors did indeed speak with him about giving him his walking papers. This was before the Swift incident.