Masahiro Tanaka Put On Yankees Disabled List

Masahiro Tanaka has officially been placed on the Yankee’s disabled list. He joins for other team members.

According to his team, Tanaka is suffering from inflammation in his right shoulder. Manager Joe Girardi doesn’t believe that the inflammation will last long. They’re hoping he is better by next week.

On Thursday, he told his team that while he was pitching, he felt a lot of soreness on his shoulder. He was only able to play four innings against the Blue Jays.

Girardi said that he came to him, explaining the pain he felt radiating into his arm. He said that he could feel the pain flowing from his shoulder, down throughout to his finger tips.

The Yankees waited a couple of days to play Tanaka, but the pain wouldn’t go away.

Currently, this has been 28-year-old Tanaka’s worst season. He’s been in the league for four years, with a record of 8-10 and E.R.A of 4.92.

C.C. Sabathia was also put on the list due to inflammation in his degenerating knee. Michael Pineda is on a 60-day list due to having Tommy John Surgery sometime in July.

Tanaka’s E.R.A. this season is the highest since he first began by only one run.

Team doctors told Girardi that as of now, there was nothing too damaged in Tanaka’s shoulder.

Tanaka has been on the list three times during his four years playing for the Yankees.

During August, the pitcher was able to have three earned runs during ten innings. In a previous game, he gave Josh Donaldson a walk. Girardi chose to remove him from the field after accumulating his fifth walk.

Be that as it may, Girardi says that the team will be having Luis Cessa and Bryan Mitchell fill in for Tanaka. They will be starting in Monday’s game when the Yankees play the Mets.