Lexington Mayor Seeking To Remove Statues

Jim Gray, who is Lexington, Kentucky’s mayor is making headlines over the Tweets regarding the violence in Charlottesville. In the tweets, he reveals that he has plans to move two Confederate statues that are in the downtown area.

For over 100 years, the states of Hunt Morgan and John Breckinridge have been outside of the court house in Lexington. After speaking about the Confederate statues, it’s looking as if someone will be moving the statues out of the area. This decision has the people in Lexington split in two.

When it comes to the question as to whether or not the statues should be moves, some people don’t know.

According to residents, people on both sides have valid feelings. A lot of people are indecisive.

Mayor Of Lexington, Kentucky Wants Confederate Statues Gone

On Saturday, Mayor Jim Gray sent out tweets saying that he was was going to have action taken place to move the Confederate Statues after examining the issue.

There have been discussions about moving the statues of John Breckinridge and Hunt Morgan for two years now. In a conference, Mayor Gray asked if the figures were still appropriate. A lot of people feel as though they are not appropriate, and don’t want them around.

Some residents say that they don’t need a reminder of what happened in the past. Other feel as though it’s a part of history and want them to remain in their place.

People are saying that by taking them away is like taking away a part of history,

Gray said in his posts that he would speak to his council on Tuesday about supporting his plants. Lexington has petitioned to speak with the KY Military Heritage Commission in order to move forward with his plans.

However, if they statues are removed, they will be sent to Veterans Park.