Fleas Test Positive For The Plague In Arizona

A recent announcement by the Navajo County public health officials in Arizona is urging their residents to take precautions after the second times in two weeks confirming fleas in the areas are testing positive for plague. The first statement made by the Navajo County Public Health Officials was on August 11th, 2017, a week following the second announcement. The first outbreak of the fleas testing positive for plague was in Coconino County. As a result, officials found local prairie dogs in their area carrying fleas with the plague. This disease is very infectious.  It was the means of death for millions of people back in the middle ages in Europe.

Currently, the fleas in the Navajo County were located near the small town of Taylor. As for the resident’s property that had fleas testing positive for the disease, their home is now now receiving treatment. Officials notified the people of the severity. Be that is it may, officials of Navajo County will be monitoring the area closely to determine if further treatment is necessary.

Residents of the Navajo and Coconino counties are to take specific measures to decrease the risk getting the disease. With this recent outbreak of plague, the fleas carrying this disease can be any furry creature. The disease passes from pets or wild animals to humans by a bite from rats, rabbits, bats or even a bite from an infected flea.

According to a state law in Arizona, residents are by law to keep their pets on leashes. Arizona state health Officials are reminding people to be cautious and not allow their pets to roam without supervision. Also, to stay away from rodents.

A wealth of prairie dogs aren’t showing as positive of having the disease or fleas.

In any case, a sudden vanish of prairie dogs and rodents might be a marker of what’s going on. People seeing a sudden vanish of rodents or rabbits are to contact the Navajo County Health Department.

Some symptoms may include muscle pain, weakness, headache, chill, fever, swollen lymph glands, swollen buboes located in the armpits, limbs or groin. Typically, symptoms of plague in a human will appear within the first two to six days. The disease can become septicemic, meaning it can spread throughout the human’s blood stream. Plague can also cause pneumonia, affecting a humans breathing and lung function. However, the disease is curable if caught in time through antibiotic therapy. If someone or yourself might have been exposed or infected with this disease, please go to your local hospital for proper diagnoses and treatment as soon as possible.