Slender Man Case Back In Court

The Slender Man stabbing happened in 2014, but one girl has chosen to plead guilty on Monday. She did so to reduce her charge. She will go to trial if doctors don’t deem her mentally unstable.

During a status conference on Monday, the announcement came from Anissa Weier’s lawyer.

The now 15-year-old Weier pleaded guilty to the charges of attempted second-degree homicide

She has an opportunity not to receive jail time. Weier will have to be found not guilty because of mental disease or defect. If she accepts the deal, she will go to a state mental hospital until July of 2020.

If the jury finds her guilty, and do not take her insanity defense prosecutors will recommend that she spends ten years in prison. Also, another ten years of extensive supervision.

She was first under arrest when she was twelve-years-old over three years ago. This time around in court, Weier has to speak with Circuit Judge Michael Bohren. She told him that she knew what she had done. Also, that she understood the consequences that come with the new guilty charge.

When Weir spoke with Judge Bohren, she said that she was fearful of Slender Man coming to harm to her and her family.

Also, that if she didn’t kill her classmate, then Morgan Geyser, the girl who helped kill their classmate, would come and kill her.

The girl in question was stabbed at least 19 times. The girls left her in Waukesha park. All the girls had spent the previous night at a sleepover party for Geyser’s 12th birthday. Leutner was able to crawl near a path. A bicyclist found her while passing through the area.

Both girls told police officers that they were hoping to impress Slender Man. If not impressed, then to avoid the wrath of him. Slender Man is a fictional character from the internet that is akin to the boogeyman.