Amazon’s Whole Foods Looking To Expand

On Thursday, Amazon said in an announcement by on Monday they will be lowering their Whole Foods grocery items. They will then offer special discounts for those who are members of Amazon Prime.

The mega-company also announced that soon they will begin place in Amazon Lockers in certain Whole Foods locations. This will make picking up orders easier for their customers.

According to Jeff Bezos, the lower prices will begin on Monday. The sale will be on items such as organic bananas, organic brown eggs, responsibly-farmed salmon, and many other items. He said this is move is one of many. Amazon Prime members will be a customer rewards program with the Whole Foods Market. They will continue to lower prices as more products become available.

The reduction in rates expected by investors. What was not expected was how fast the program would start. Investors didn’t think Amazon would begin their new program until after the new year.

The goal with the new prices is to make it so that Whole Foods can become more mainstream.

Also, to fight against lower priced grocers. Neither companies said who low the prices will go for the Whole Foods. Either, customers are looking forward to the new changes.

Stock prices for Kroger’s went down a whopping seven percent. Supervalu also saw a 4 percent drop in stocks. Walmart’s stocks only fell two percent, whereas Target’s went down 3 percent. Amazon’s stocks have been on the rise for the past few weeks now.

Moreover, it’s looking as though Amazon will be selling Whole Food’s brands that are private a few different ways. They will utilize Prime Pantry, Prime Fresh, and Prime Now delivery programs. As of now, there is no word on if these new deals will violate agreements set in place by Whole Foods and Instacart. They have a same-day delivery program in place.