Hurricane Harvey Slams Texas East Coast

Hurricane Harvey is currently slamming Texas  storms and wind speeds up to one-hundred and thirty miles per-hour. The storm is hitting all the coastal areas. So far Hurricane Harvey has reported rain with sixteen and a half inches of rainfall since it started. News reports are saying Harvey is the largest storm to hit the United States mainland in over thirteen years. News reports are stating that there will be catastrophic flooding in most areas.

Thankfully, Hurricane Harvey’s wind speeds have decreased from a category four to a category one.

Texas state officials fear that their residents may become trapped in collapsed homes, businesses and other buildings. As of right now, there is widespread of power outages from the state of Texas. Recent updates from utility companies have said there more than two-hundred thousand residents of Texas without electricity due to the storm. The President Donald Trump send out thanks to emergency services and giving them praise for doing a great job.

Federal aid is going towards cities that Hurricane Harvey is hitting the hardest.

Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, stated there is a record flooding in many regions due to the storm. He also added that Hurricane Harvey caused a land slide effect in the cities of Rockport and Corpus Christi. These two cities are northeast of the coast of Texas. Be that as it may, Rockport seemed to take the hardest hit. Over ten thousand residents live in the city. People are sharing hundreds of photos on social media from Harvey’s damaging wind-speeds and rains.

Once Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast line he was pretty ferocious with winds screeching throughout the whole night. The wind speeds knocked out power lines, trees, rolling vehicles and more. State officials said there is no structural emergency in Corpus Christi. The emergency services are more focused on the city of Rockport because it was in the eye of Hurricane Harvey.