Google & NAMI Partner For Mental Health

Google search engines can assist in providing information about common mental health issues that people may be suffering from. Doctors say that depression can affect anyone differently. The indications of melancholy change from individual to individual. The web is full of tales with people analyzing sufferers or misrepresentations about the condition. Google has partnered with the National Alliance on Mental Illness to help people researching depression to the right information. Not only on depression but related depression symptoms. This will decrease people from getting incorrect information on their symptoms.

 NAMI and Google search engine will provide PHQ-9 questionnaires that doctors use to diagnose people in their practices.

The questions will not be like it is now when you research depression or symptoms of depression. The incorrect way is not with online quizzes or lists or just any website. Doctors, the National Alliance on Mental Illness and Google search engine are creating a tool to provide people with the right information. They also hope to assist the individuals who may not know where to get the appropriate help. If you or a loved one is suffering from depression, please seek medical help as soon as possible.

The medical director at the NAMI, Kenneth Duckworth says they hope to give people the correct information to be able to compare and reflect on their next step. Doing so while dealing with depression or other mental illnesses. Duckworth then added that depression is widespread for all ages. Also, that it is important that people researching their symptoms online know that depression is also treatable. What Google search engine and NAMI partnership are doing is keeping these facts in mind. Also providing advance public help to those in need. Google search engine and the National Alliance on Mental Illness believe that the right information is power for those struggling with any mental illness.