Nick Kyrgios Not Having A Good Year

During his first-round march, Nick Kyrgios from Australia hurt his serving arm pretty bad. Kyrgios, who is in 14th place, has asked himself time and time against if he is worthy of getting the fifth spot. Lately, the star has lost 6-3, 1-6, 6-4, 6-1 to John Millman.

Nick told the press that his dedication has been lacking lately.

During the beginning of the match, they were 1-1. Prospectors could see Kyrgios holding on his shoulder as if he were the pain. Sometimes he would wince after a serve.

When it came time to change sides, an injury time out was called by Kyrgios. He said that he should have gone dead and was feeling numb. Nick still finished out the match, though in pain.

He began to yell out in frustration as the match went on.

Nick did receive a code violation after swearing.

He did say that he was going through some major issues in his life. He would tell people that he was not as good as are competitors. Kyrgios believes that his contender deserved to play against someone better than himself.

During the altercation with a ref, it looked as though Nick splashed him water. When Nick got up, it did look as though he was splashing water near the umpire chair.

He told reporters that this has not been a good year for him. During most matches, he has to stop to nurse his arm. He has lost many of games due to his injuries, and continues to suffer throughout his matches.

Kyrgios says that is lack of showmanship during his matches show. He says that he knows his fans can see and sense his pain. He is hoping for better days, but as of now, things are looking pretty grim. The past three months for Nick have been a complete nightmare.