West Nile Virus Leads To Three Deaths

On Friday, health officials in California were able to confirm three cases of West Nile virus. The people who came in contact with the disease have all died.

The people who passed away were from San Bernardino, Los Angles, and Kern counties. The health department in L.A. County says that one of the patients from the area was originally from San Fernando Valley. They were brought to the hospital at the beginning of August.

The illness West Nile virus is typically in birds. What happens, is a mosquito ends up biting a bird with the disease. Then, that same mosquito goes out into the world and infects a human.

The season when West Nile is the highest is summer due to the warm weather.

If contact with West Nile occurs, a deadly infection will begin to develop. Senior citizens tend to be more susceptible to getting the disease. This information comes from Karen Smith, who is the director of the state Department of Public Health. She says that the virus peaks during the months of September and August. She and her depart urge everyone to take precaution, especially during these months.
According to experts, the heavy that came down in California last winter is the reason for the spike mosquitoes. Also, data for the state shows that more mosquitoes are testing positive for West Nile. More so, than previous years especially.

When someone first contracts the illness, they don’t typically notice anything out of the norm. Be that as it may, plenty of other people develop meningitis or encephalitis that can lead to death.

During 2016, 19 people from California passed away due to the West Nile.

The best way to avoid getting the disease is by utilizing bug repellent while outside. Also, by wearing long-sleeve shirts and pants while outside of in woodsy areas.