Fentanyl Continues To Lead To Massive Deaths

In the state of Ohio, the street drug fentanyl has been causing an increase of a record high of overdosing. The problem is so bad. The average deaths in Ohio due to street drug overdoses is about eleven people each day. On August 30th, health agents of the state reported that the state of Ohio has a significant increase of the addictions epidemic.

In the year of 2016, the highest record of 4,050 people died in the State of Ohio due to street drugs. Although fentanyl is sold on the street, it is also given to patients in pain in hospitals. Also in, clinics, doctor offices and other medical centers. The Ohio State health department stated that the death rate in the state rose by thirty-three percent. This was in 2015.

The number makes 3,050 deaths due to overdose on fentanyl in 2015.

Ohio State officials believe the problem of so many overdoses appeared to be other painkillers such as opioids, and carfentanil. One of Carfentanis’ uses is to sedate elephants in other countries. People who go to the hospitals due to drug overdoses are lacing fentanyl with cocaine and other street drugs. The state officials of Ohio included that deaths due to drug overdoses such as heroin-related have been decreasing. While deaths from drug overdoses due to prescription painkillers are now increasing for the fifth year. It began to rise starting in 2012.

The Medical Director for the Ohio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services Doctor Mark Hurst says that doctors are not prescribing painkillers as often. He then added that in result has been decreasing the overall addiction rates in the state of Ohio. Doctor Hurst also said that the progress would be a big increase due to the perception of opioid abuse. It is typically a gateway to fentanyl and heroin use later in an addicts life.