Kendall Jenner & Blake Griffin Together?

One of the famous Jenner daughters Ms. Kendall Jenner has been spending quite of bit of time with her rumored new boyfriend, Blake Griffin. The reality star and model Kendall Jenner started a relationship recently with the Los Angeles Clippers player sources say. Sources reported that the young twenty-one-year-old Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin are defiantly seeing each other romantically. But they are taking their time. Right now the young and new couple are just enjoying each others company. They are having fun and it is nothing too serious. They have seen each other a lot lately because the tv star Kendall Jenner has been traveling a lot to Los Angeles.

Everyone knows that Kendall Jenner takes her career of modeling very serious.

It is her number one priority for that reason who knows how long the relationship will last. Both Blake Griffin and Kendall Jenner do not know what will happen once her career takes over her life again. What is important to the new couple is that they are having a good time right now and that is what matters most.

The on the reality television show Keeping Up With The Kardashians the star Kendall Jenner gave more spot light on her new relationship  On the show, herself and Blake Griffin went on several romantic dates together. Also they had been spotted more than once in the past week. An onlooker said the new couple we not kissing. They flirted and seemed very happy to be spending time with one another. Reports have come out that for the past year Jenner has seen a rapper that goes by A$AP. She is not ready to settle down just yet so she dates other people as well. Even though some say is not ready to settle down, sources say that her past relationship with rapper A$AP was getting to be very serious at one point.