Michael Bennett’s Brother Is On His Side

Michael Bennett, who plays defensive end for the Seahawks has been in headline lately over an incident that went down in Las Vegas, Nevada. As he was walking back to his hotel room, he heard gunshots. Bennett was leaving the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight. He and others tried to flee from the bullets, but police chose to pick him up.
Next thing, Bennett was on the ground with police officers on his back.

He feels as though the police’s actions came from racial motivatuin. The police, on the underhand, have tried to dispute the claims. Bennett’s brother, Martellus Bennett, who plays for the Packers, wasn’t biting.

Michael spoke to his brother not too much longer after the incident.

Martellus was so shaken that he had to leave a meeting he was attending. He had just seen the footage for the first time of the events from that particular night.

Martellus says that he didn’t know that there was footage. Also, he says that what he saw made him break down into tears. With all the racial tension going on in the U.S., he was thinking about how things could have turned sour in an instant.

Like Kaepernick, Michael has been kneeling at games in protest of police brutality. He says for him, the events in Charlottesville is what gave him more motivation to protest.

Michael Bennett told reporters that he has always felt the need to stand up for injustice. He, however, says that equality does not live in this country. Bennett says that he will continue to kneel and protest.

Be that as it may, Martellus says that he whole-heartedly supports his brother protesting.

Also, that he is proud of his brother and the way he chose to handle the situation in Las Vegas. He said that a lot of people told his brother to be quiet and thankful that he is alive. Martellus, on the other hand, feels that his brother did the right thing about writing a letter about the incident. He says that he has his brother’s back.