Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom A Thing Again

In recent reports, people are saying that Orlando Bloom and singer Katy Perry are back together. The young couple has been on and off again quite a few times. Paparazzi were able to capture pictures of the two. A source close to the two says that the pair were in Santa Barbara California paddling together in a small boat. Sources also say that the couple is trying to rekindle their love and romance for one another.

The trusted source reported to E! News that both Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are trying to work on making their high-romance relationship work this time for real. In additions, the young couple never stopped loving one another and have always kept in contact. The new claims came just after Kathy Perry admitted to the public that she loves having Orlando Bloom in her life.

Katy Perry was married to a well-known comedian Russell Brand from early 2010 to later divorced in 2012.

While Orlando Bloom was married to Miranda Kerr, an Australian model for a few years. Katy Perry says during  an interview that people coming in and out of her life wasn’t new. She says it is nice to have the people you love to stay around all the time. She then started to talk about how her career is hectic. Also, how it is hard to find time for important people in your life.

The singer then said that she is planning ongoing on tour for another three-hundred and sixty-five days. Another source close to the celebs says that despite the couple’s breakup earlier this year the pair never stopped speaking to each other. They kept the flame going. The two kept in contact with each other, thus sparking new flames. Luckily, over the last few months, the flames continue to grow. The world wishes to two nothing bot good luck in their relationship.