Dogs Sleeping In Their Owner’s Bed

There was a study on whether having a pet dog sleep in the bedroom with you is a good thing. Also if sharing your bed with your dogs helps people sleep better. The study was through August to December of 2015 by the Mayo Clinic Study researchers. The researchers from the Mayo Clinic studied healthy people for this study. They did their evaluations while people were sleeping with their pets. The Mayo Clinic named their study The Effect of Dogs on Sleep quality in Humans in the Home Sleep environment.

Over sixty-three percent of Americans consider their dogs to be apart of their family.

The American Veterinary Association say that there are over forty-million Americans that had a family dog in their home. The author of the study Lois Krahn done by the Mayo Clinic says that many Americans think that having their dog in their room can stop them from having a good night’s rest.

Lois Krahn is also working at the Center for Sleep Medicine at the Mayo Clinic Arizona Campus. She is a sleep medicine specialist. She says after this study, many people came around to the idea that having their dog in the same room or their bed while sleeping is comforting.

The study had forty healthy individuals of adult age with no previous diagnosis of any sleeping disorders as well as their family dog. The study consisted of twelve percent males and eighty-eight percent females. Most of the adults were primarily in their mid-forties. All the adults and dogs used in this study done by Mayo Clinic were of healthy weight.

The sleep quality was measured by a device called an accelerometer that tracks significant activity in the brain while sleeping. Mayo Clinic studies the quality of the humans sleeps with their dogs for one week making it seven nights. After finishing the study, the results were able to show that having your family dog in the same room or your bed while sleeping you will get the same or better nights sleep.