Smoking and Having HIV Is A Bad Combo

Researchers reported on Monday, September 18, 2017, that people suffering from HIV and smoking as well are more likely to lose the fight with lung cancer than others who don’t have HIV. HIV also was known also goes by human immunodeficiency virus and is very common all over the world. There was a warning announced by the Journal of the American Medical Association or JAMA internal medicine group. The announced suffering with the human immunodeficiency virus and using cigarettes combined increases the development of lung cancer and can be fatal.

Most people know that smoking tobacco products can significantly reduce life expectancy among anyone using the products. People living with HIV can undergo treatment that is called antiretroviral therapy to keep their disease under control and live almost normal lives, but when you add tobacco, it can be deadly. The human immunodeficiency virus with smoking only worsens the HIV and immune system even more. Researchers were practically concerned because one who is suffering from the HIV also seem to smoke more. This raises concern. People who smoke cigarettes in the United States is about twice as much as the population that smokes suffering from HIV.

Both smoking and having human immunodeficiency virus is bad enough.

When you add cancer to the mix, it typically leads to death. Doctor Krishna Reddy works at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. She is one of the lead authors of the study recently on smokers suffering from HIV. Researchers additional report that more than twenty-five percent of people suffering from the .HIV would die from lung cancer. Even if they are taking all the right medications.

Individuals who can quit smoking before the age of forty without HIV will only have a small chance of a lung cancer diagnosis. While people who HIV and smoke have thirteen times more likely to die from lung cancer than the HIV. The most important thing the researchers want people with HIV is to understand smoking does not help.