Sprint And T-Mobile Looking To Merge Companies

Sprint and T-Mobile phone companies have rapidly become very prominent in the wireless industry. Each holds high ratings as the fourth largest wireless phone company and the third nation largest wireless company. In recent news, the two wireless companies have discussed merging as one active company. The big decision could take over two to three months to make anything official on both ends. Sprint and T-mobile want everyone to know that as of right now there is no guarantee the deal of them merging will go through. Late last week David Faber was the first to report the two wireless companies possibly coming together on the CNBS.

If Sprint and T-mobile come together, it will end the years of an uphill battle against each other. Other large wireless phone companies such as AT&T and Verizon will have even more pressure put on them if the two companies combined. The wireless phone companies will be shaken up if this deal goes through it Sprint and T-mobile combined. As for the consumers of all of the top four wireless phone companies AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-mobile if the new deal goes through it will mean lower prices and better service.

Both Sprint and T-mobile have made a lasting impact on the wireless industry in the last couple of years.

Sprint started offering phone leasing plans to their customers and providing one year of service free in just 2017. T-mobile stopped contracts with their customers as well as phone subsidies. When T-mobile made those changes, it pushed the other wireless phone companies to bring unlimited phone plans back on the market. Under the new merger, Deutsche Telekom would be the dominant part investo. Also, T-Mobile CEO John Legere would run the organization with his administration group. SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son would have a minority stake in the joined team.