Cher Still Looks Amazing

Recently, Cher, the superstar did an interview with People’s magazine.  She talked about how she can not fit in her most famous outfits she once performed in. People magazine with Cher discussed her beauty secrets and how she keeps such an incredible physique at her age. Cher said in the interview she might no longer be able to fit in her outfits because she is a different size.

The singer keeps her favorite clothing in a unique temperature controlled unit in her home. The superstar says she does not plan to re-wear any of her famous clothing items.Cher does, however treasures them. The singer and actress at the age of seventy-one says her whole life she has always weighed 106 pounds. Now she weighs at in 126. She later in the interview with People magazine says there is a big difference between weighing 106 and now weighing 126. More so when trying on old clothing items.

Cher Speaks WIth People’s Magazine

That is right, the seventy-one-year-old superstar league has only gained twenty pounds in her life since she last remembers. In her interview, she talked about her daily exercise routines such as plants for up to five minutes long with her trainer. People magazine also got Cher to spill the beans on her skincare secrets, and they were shocking. The singer and actress said she uses Doctor Barbara Sturm face wash and eye cream. She says that she stays true to using Proactive products as well as Jan Marini skincare products.

Cher stated in her interview with People Magazine about appearance when at home. She is okay being in sweatpants all day with a messy bun. It’s best to keep it simple she says. Although, when she is out and about, she enjoys seeing people such as Kim Kardashian West using her trademark look of having straight hair parted down the middle.