Jay-Z Is Not Performing During The Superbowl

According to reports, Jay-Z will not be doing what his wife Beyoncé has done in the past. That is, play during the Super Bowl Halftime. Others who have performed her Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, and Katy Perry. Even Bruce Springsteen has made an appearance or two.

Sources are sayingNFL was offering the mega superstar rapper the position. Unfortunately, Jay chose to decline the offer. The game is to happen Feb 4, in Minnesota.

The NFL has somewhat made an announcement on the situation at hand.

According to a spokesman for the NFL, Brian McCarthy, when it comes to performers, there have been no decisions on a specific artist. He says, either way, the show will be amazing. McCarthy also says that when it’s time to announce who is to perform, we will all know.

Some people believe that Jay-Z said no to the fantastic offer in support of Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick has not been let back in the NFL after denying a contract with the 49ers earlier in May. Kaepernick is widely known for protesting police brutality. During the last season of the NFL, Kaepernick chose to take a knee during the playing of the national anthem.

Many believe that Kaepernick isn’t getting any work because of his stance.

Earlier in Septemeber, Jay-Z chose to dedicate his song The Story Of O.J. to Kaepernick.

The mogul himself is one of the founders of Roc Nation Sports agency. The group represents a few NFL players. One player imparticular is Todd Gurley, who plays for the Rams.

This past summer, rumors were flying that Britney Spears was going to headline the Super Bowl halftime show. Back in July, however, a spokesman for Pepsi was able to dismiss the rumor. As of now, no one knows who will play the show. But two things we do know is that it won’t be Jay-Z or Britney.