Eman Abdul Atti, World’s Largest Woman, Dies

The world’s heaviest person, Eman Abdul Atti, has passed away. Her death was due to her having heart disease and her kidney malfunctioning. This information comes from the Burjeel Hospital, which is in Abu Dhabi.

Atti, who was 37 at the time of her death, was Egyptian, and at one point weighed 1,102 pounds. This was before she had weight reduction surgery back in March of this year.

Things were looking up for Eman post surgery. Since the operation, she had lost over 200 pounds.

According to Eman’s family, she came in at 11 pounds when she was born.

The woman did suffer from thyroid issues. The thyroid is what is responsible for producing hormones within the metabolism. By the time she was in fifth grade, she no longer would go to school. Ms. Atti was having problems walking and moving about.

For years, Eman would not leave her room. At one point, Eman had a stroke, and could not move or speak. During this time, she gained over 1,000lbs.

Last year, her sister began a social media campaign that caught Lakdawala’s attention. He came up with a three and a half year plan for Eman. Docters were going to perform two surgeries for her to potentially weight less than 220 pounds.

Over time, Eman overcame a lot of obstacles in order for her to have her first surgery. First, the refusal of a visa due to not being able to get to the embassy in person to receive it. Next came the issue of her not being able to board any airplane.

The company Egypt Air rearranged a cargo plane to get her from Egypt to India. After her first surgery, Lakadawala said that they way her kidneys were running was improving.

Eman was then brought to the Burjeel Hospital that is in Abu Dhabi. While there, over 20 doctors would monitor her condition.

When it came down it, her heart and kidney’s could no longer hold on.