North Korea And War Talk

There has been a lot of tension after North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear bombs. Especially when the verbal exchanges between the US president Donald Trump and the Pyongyang of North Korea. Something like this didn’t happen in more than six decades ago even when regime at the mercy of weapons on both ends. It was taught and pumped into the young minds of Korea that the United States started the Korean War.

The children of Korea also learn about the enemey. They learn that nemesis is the reason for spreading waste to dozens of cities and towns during the war in 1950-1953. That very fact was hardly reported in the United States media around the time of the conflict.

The bombing in 1950-1953 between the United States and North Korea has been forgotten in America.

But not in North Korea. This country was exploited every opportunity to continue to remind their people of the wars. They do so in places such as museums and schools. News reports are all complaining that the United States Of America is still the aggressor.

After Ri Yong-ho made a lengthy speech to the UN general assembly the President of the US Donald Trump enforced his thoughts by tweeting on social media. He says if North Korea keep pushing the US they won’t be around much longer as long as he is in charge. In response, Ri Yong-ho of North Korea says that President Donald Trump words are declaring war against his country.

Ri Young-ho included a few more words in his statement. He says if America is declaring war on our country of North Korea, there is no reason not to expect countermeasures. Also, that they have the right to shoot down any US strategic bomber in their airspace and land borders. This isn’t the first of war talk. Given that the Korean War finished with a truce. Yet not a peace arrangement, the two nations have been actually at war for as far back as 64 years.