Eyeball Tattoos Can Cause Blindness

Eyeball tattooing is the next trend to go noticed on social media. In the body modification community, this tattooing technique has become very popular. Even though it is a new trend, it is hazardous. Some people can fall victims to how dangerous this type of tattooing is causing blindness, crying black tears, burning, bleeding and more. Recently a young woman from Canada received her eyeball tattoo and is now partially blind in right eye.

According to news reports Catt Callinger a twenty-four-year-old model went to have her eyeballs tattooed and it was horrible. The young model just wanted the white part of her eyeballs tattooed a light purple color known as sclera tattooing. Right after the tattoo, she began having complications with her right eye. Catt Callinger was complaining of the tattoo paint dripping from her eye, pain and her eyeball even began to swell.

Later on Catt Callinger social media accounts she shared disturbing pictures of her eyeball oozing tattoo paint.

She also shared the fact that she will now need to see an eye specialist. Also that she is not at risk for being completely blind in her right eye. That is,  if the doctor is not able to save her sight in her tattooed eyeball. The cause of her swelled up oozing eyeball is over undiluted ink from a tattoo injection. Multiple people know the effects it can have on their eyes.

Catt Callinger shared with her large fan base on social media to please do all the research before getting a tattooed sclera tinting in their eyeballs. Not only do the research on the provider itself but on the place you are getting the tattoo. Also to remember regardless of how safe the tattooing of the eye seems to be it involves piercing your eye and injecting toxic paints.