Couple Caught Stealing Millions From Amazon

A couple from Indiana has finally admitted to stealing more than $1.2 million in electronics from the sight, Amazon.
The announcement came on on Thursday from the US Department of Justice. The culprits, Erin Joseph Finian, and his wife, Leah Jeanette Finan pleaded guilty. They’re charges are mail fraud and laundering money.

The two bought tons of price electronic gadgets from When the couple would receive the items, they would call Amazon customer support. They would tell them that the item was broken or that it wouldn’t work. Amazon sent them replacements for all their items.

For most, filing numerous reports on an Amazon account would alarm the company. Well, the couple was able to bypass Amazon’s fraud detectors by creating plenty of different fake accounts.

Indian Couple Caught Stealing Millions In Electronics From Amazon

When the new replacement electronic was in, the could then would sell them to Danijel Glumac. Glumac is also currently under arrest. He was the one who sold the items to a person in New York. Glumac reportedly received $1.2 million from the person in New York. He gave $750,000 of that many to the Finans.

When someone commits consumer fraud, everyone feels it. According to Josh Minkler, who is a U.S. State Attorney, it is illegal to buy and sell things on the black market. He also says that people who chose to ignore the law have to pay the price.

A lot of services were involved with taking down the Finan’s. There were investigations by the Internal Revenue Service as well as the U.S. Postal Inspection services. Also, Indian State Police had involvement.

On November 9th, the couple will receive their final sentence. They both face up to 20 years behind bars and over $500 in fines. One part of their plea agreement is to pay back Amazon $1,218,504.