Smart Tattoo Being Desigend By Scientist

Scientists are working on a smart tattoo that will be able to detect different medical emergencies. These smart tattoos will change colors to detect low or high blood sugars. They also will be able to detect if a person is suffering from dehydration. Smart tattoos are in the process of being developed at the Harvard and MIT by a group of researchers and scientists.

The special ink doctors are using in the tattoos is goes by the moniker Dermal Abyss. Dermal Abyss has an enhanced ingredients such as fluorescent biosensors and colorimetric. Fluorescent biosensors and colorimetric will change colors when the human bodies pH level changes such as hydrogen ions, sodium levels, and glucose levels. When those levels change in the human body the interstitial fluid in the tattoo ink will change colors.

The New Smart Tattoo May Be The Next Big Thing In The Medical World

The tattoo ink will change color depending on what ink in place in the tattoo for the specific pH levels. Such as purple to pink will be for an increase or a decrease in pH levels in the body. Color changes from green to brown in increased or decreased glucose levels. Also, lighter greens when the sodium levels drop in the body.

Scientist says smart tattoos could be a vital instrument in managing certain disease in the world. People with diabetes could benefit from smart tattoos. Instead of poking their fingers daily, they could look at the change in the color of their smart tattoos. People struggling with kidney failure could also benefit from having a smart tattoo. Their special tattoo would warn them of low or high sodium levels by changing its color.

The smart tattoo will only be visible when they are under certain lights. Smartphone carries the particular light to look at the smart tattoo and to know when there are medical dangers in the human body.